These three tracks were on a reel by themselves. I found a copy of the same three songs on another reel where they were listed as studio recordings. The three tracks do seem to have been done in a studio and not at a normal venue. The recording date is unknown at this time.

The first track is supposed to be an original instuments only song that the band played according to the copy recording reel. The copy also said that the song was never given a name.

Un-named Original.mp3 Un-named Original.mp3
Size : 6.783 Kb
Type : mp3

The second track is a song called "sinner man" which does not appear to have been written by the band. But the song appears to be a remake.

Sinner Man.mp3 Sinner Man.mp3
Size : 4.25 Kb
Type : mp3

The third track title is believed to be titled "leave me there alone?" Am not sure if it is an original song.

leave me there alone.mp3 leave me there alone.mp3
Size : 5.833 Kb
Type : mp3

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