Here is what I was looking for when I started converting the reels. These are original Recordings that were converted into records and a few studio recordings that were never released on Vinyl that were made at the same time as the record tracks. Included is the original 1966 recording of Black Cloud that was released by Palmer Records, this recording is before they added the screaming to it. Also as noted on the Rock & Roll hall of fame of Michigan website the song "why don't they understand" which was recorded at the same time but never released is also here. Why don't they understand, also called "our love is strong" was written by band member Frank Eimer for my mother Leslie before they were married because my grandparents apparently thought they shouldn't get married. I had never heard this version before, the recording is fairly similar to the one they sent on the tape to Nashville before they were signed to a record label but definately different.  The "Don't Bug me" song written by band member Jan Porter is a studio recording but I am not sure yet if it is the one that was released on vinyl in 1970. The fourth song is "Gone Gone Gone" which was released in 1970 on the flipside of the "She cried" record put out on the band's own Pyrenees label. I do not believe the song is a band original but is a good group vocal track. The final song that I converted is a studio recording but I don't believe its a band original and I am not sure the name of it.

Black Cloud Original.mp3 Black Cloud Original.mp3
Size : 2572.275 Kb
Type : mp3

 I used Sony Sound forge software to overlay the tracks with the Palmer recording I made of the record to double check the fact that it was the same recording and they match. I did not use the software to change the recording I found though as I wanted everyone to be able to hear the original sound I only increased the volume of one channel slightly to correct the output channel volumes for the reel to reel machine. I hope you enjoy.

This track was in great shape on the reel to reel and also only needed the volume of the right channel slightly corrected. I also have found the original live recording of the first time the band ever tried to play this song live which I hope to add soon. The quality of the live track is not great but is interesting to hear them talk at the beggining of the song  on how its their first time ever playing it in front of an audience.  

Don't Bug Me.mp3 Don't Bug Me.mp3
Size : 2525.745 Kb
Type : mp3

This Jan Porter orginal song was in good shape but one channel was much quieter and had to be corrected. I had found this track on another reel earlier this year but it was badly damaged so I am glad that I found another copy of it. I know this was recorded in a studio and the song was released on Vinyl on the back of the "Simple thoughts of Love" track on their record in 1970. This record was on the bands own Pyrenees record label I believe. I have never actually listened to that record and my Player is broken now, so I am not 100% sure that this is the identical recording that made the record but I think it is. Hopefully willg et someone from the band to confirm this.  

Gone Gone Gone studio recording.mp3 Gone Gone Gone studio recording.mp3
Size : 2581.255 Kb
Type : mp3

The track was in great shape and has great vocals. This is definately a studio recording but I have not yet verfied that it is the one used for the record. The song does sound alike but I will use sony sound forge when I get the actual vinyl record recorded to verify it. 

Everyday I have to cry.mp3 Everyday I have to cry.mp3
Size : 2608.603 Kb
Type : mp3

Ok this song is a studio recording but I am not even sure of the songs title. I don't think it is a band original and I am pretty sure I have heard it on one of the live reels I have already recorded. Hopefully I can't find the other copy or get more information from band members.  


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