I have started also converting my records to digital. I have quite a few including black cloud on more than one label. 

Black Cloud-Dearborn Records.mp3 Black Cloud-Dearborn Records.mp3
Size : 6.158 Kb
Type : mp3
Black Cloud Palmer Record.mp3 Black Cloud Palmer Record.mp3
Size : 5.086 Kb
Type : mp3
love me like i love you.mp3 love me like i love you.mp3
Size : 4.061 Kb
Type : mp3
Come on little Sweetheart.mp3 Come on little Sweetheart.mp3
Size : 4.07 Kb
Type : mp3
Smiling Phases.mp3 Smiling Phases.mp3
Size : 5.387 Kb
Type : mp3

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