Me & Dem Guys Pictures 

The photo appears to be the band at the Back of their trailer full of equipment?? Not sure on the year either. 

An early picture of the band.

Another picture of the band provided by Keith from same day as the photo I have on the main page. These pictures were taken at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids MI.

The band performing 

Close up of above performance.

Another Close up. 

These color photos, provided by Keith, were taken at the Alpine Saloon at Westgate Bowl in Grand Rapids. I think a 1968 or 1969 colored Photo. Also the painting in the background is a really cool painting of the band 

 Close up of Keith from the performance above.

Another picture from the above performance. 

A later year performance? Unkown Location.

Another Photo of the band. I think the photo is 1970 or 1971 but am not sure yet. Hoping to get confirmation on the year from Keith who provided the photo.

A dated WGRD of Grand Rapids MI whats Hot list, provided by Keith, with Smiling Phases as the number 1 of what was hot at the time.  

A radio flyer? With Black Cloud as its pick to click. The back had the lyrics for the number 1 song Pied Piper. Not sure what year its from. 

Clipping from newspaper that has Smiling Phases as number 5 record for sales in Grand rapids. 

More Pictures will be posted when I get a chance to scan them. I want to thank Keith of the Band for providing me with more photos to include on the site.



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