Bonus track 1 was on the opposite side of the recording sent to Nasville. It appears to be a test recording and am not sure who the singer from the band is.

Bonus Material Track 1.mp3 Bonus Material Track 1.mp3
Size : 3.845 Kb
Type : mp3

Bonus track two is a song from a short recording of a night where Mike Deyoung? sat in for Frank Eimer who was out sick date and location is unknown. Track 2 is not as good of quality as the wayside recordings but is included as extra material. The track is Bobby singing a new song according to the discussion before the song.

Bonus Material Track 2.mp3 Bonus Material Track 2.mp3
Size : 7.095 Kb
Type : mp3

Bonus track three is the band playing happy birthday for someone named Sheri in the audience on the same night that track two above came from.

Bonus Material Track 3.mp3 Bonus Material Track 3.mp3
Size : 5.993 Kb
Type : mp3

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