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Photo Gallery Added

Posted by Charles on Thursday, July 22, 2010, In : Website Additions and Updates 
I have started to add a Photo Gallery to the site. Not sure on the information on the pictures so could use any information that anyone might have to add to the captions to make them correct. The band photo on the main page has been changed mainly because it seems to have the whole band in the picture. I still have about 10 more photos to add to the site but have not got around to scanning them in yet.

I want to thank Keith for e-mailing me more photos to add to the site and for helping me ide...
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Additions to the Web site.

Posted by charles U Farley on Monday, July 19, 2010, In : Website Additions and Updates 

Tracks are being steadily added to the site as fast as time permits. A link to e-mail me has been added at the bottom of this page to allow for any information that can help fill in missing details about the band and these performances and any feedback. The songs are downloadable to listen to because I am just trying to get the music out to people that want it but please do not just repost these songs without at least asking. A number of interesting reels are still left that I have not even l...

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Night with Dem Guys

Posted by chuck on Monday, July 5, 2010, In : Welcome to A Night with Dem Guys 

More to come as the Music is converted to digital. The site will hopefully eventually contain about 8 hours of music in total. The first live performace profiled was at the Wayside, which may be in Kalamazoo Michigan. Multiple mentions are made throughout the tracks to the name of the place they are performing. The final track played of the night was Black Cloud, during which singer Frank Eimer says that it "wraps up the week at Wayside." Any confirmation would be appreciated by the sites hos...

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About Me

I have been gone along time from Michigan. I Started this site originally as a way to transfer copies of the music to my sister in Michigan. The music all comes from Reel to Reels that my uncle Allen past on to us when he passed away. I asked Frank about the reels and he said that the band would trade the used ones to my uncle for new ones so the band could record more. My uncle used to make my sister and I tapes from these reels when we were kids so we could listen to our father's music. I decided to pull all the reels out of my garage and record all the reels to digital because the Arizona heat would have destroyed them before long. After I started the project it just seemed to make sense to publish it so that anyone else that wanted to could here the great music of Me & Dem Guys. I hope to finish the site in the next couple of months.

Please Email any questions or information that will help with this site to

or click on the link above or below.


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